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Thank you Ms Fatma great service and friendliness ☺️
Islam Saleh
Islam Saleh
Shady Hossam
Shady Hossam
Dina Omar
Dina Omar
Shaimaa mahmoud
Shaimaa mahmoud
Amazing service 💪🏼
Fast delivery 🤙🏼🤙🏼😍😍
Good price 😃
Thanks ♥️
Totally recommend this place
Very friendly staff
Genuine original parts
Fast delivery 🚚
Wouldn’t be the last time to deal with them
Amazing service amazing deals
Highly recommended
Many thanks to Mr. Mohamed 🧡🧡🧡
Mohamed Hefny
Mohamed Hefny
A great experience with outstanding service and excellent products.
The staff there are extremely friendly and trustworthy, and the buying process is very smooth.
Highly recommended.
Thank you❤❤
Kareem Hamed
Kareem Hamed
Mahmoud Cooper
Mahmoud Cooper
very good offers, i really recommend, many thanks 💚
Great experience, I will come again sure , recommended to anyone who wants apple original products.
You are the best.
Highly recommended.
They are the best.
They help you to choose the suitable option for you with patience and the service is amazing.
Great experience, helpful and friendly
Very recommended.
Ali Abu El Ezz
Ali Abu El Ezz
Abdo Ma
Abdo Ma
Perfect experience, highly recommended, best after purchase support, i had an issue with my screen protector, immediately got changed with a new one, thank you Khafaga for your help 🥰
I bought Iphone 12 Pro and Airpods 2 wireless.
Excellent customer service experience, good package and fast delivery.
i highly recommend them
Best experience ever... I got the iPhone 12 pro max on same day .... I cannot believe how fast it is in hand. These people are professional and reliable.
Perfect experience. Can’t thank you enough for the speedy process. They have amazing offers and the availability of all product is beyond amazing. Thank you so much
Thank you for the great experience. You truly understand the meaning of customer satisfaction. I wasn’t able to find the Apple Watch Series 6 and they were able to get me the watch. The purchase process was easy and the products were as expected. Great service! Thanks again 😃
Amazing place and amazing staff and the way they treat coustomer they let love the place even if u wl gone buy excellent products they are professional...thank u incredideals ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
IncrediDeals is definitely the best!
My experience with them was great, they are very authentic and professional. I highly recommend for all apple products.
Thank youu 🙏
Perfect online store, a very good collection, reasonable prices
Thank you 🙏
Great experience and very respectful, the best place to buy apple products, good experience and friendly people,
I bought apple watch series 5, AirPods and iphone xs max with amazing offer, also they’ve payment flexibility, 10000% satisfied

I recommend this store for anyone who is looking forward to buying any apple products.
Extremely professional, helpful and friendly. I recommend this place
Bgd mkan 7lw gedan w nas mo7trmen gedan w thank you awii akid msh 25eer t3amoll♥️♥️♥️
Great Experience
Highly recommended 😍❤️
Amazing service, excellent service and experience, extremely nice.

شكراااا جدا ع التجربة الممتازة شكرا مستر محمد خفاجي ع الاسلوب المهذب والمعاملة الرائعة والسعر طبعاااااا☺️☺️☺️.
و شكرااااااا جدااااااا ل علي عادل ع الذوق و المعاملة والتوصيل طبعااا 😊😊😊😊

ولينا تعاملات كتير ان شاء الله
Great experience
Very professional
Highly recommended
Getting a product can be done from any shop but the difference is getting an amazing service before and after sale.
i got an incredible service and a full support from requesting , searching for my requirment , delivering it and activating the device 📱
Special thanks to Mr.mohamed for all what he did and it will never be my last dealing with you🌷
Excellent service
I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for you all for being so care and for delivering any items as fast as possible
One of the most professional stores in Egypt
special thanks for MR/Mohmmed
Very professional
Excellent service
Competitive price
Recommended for everyone
I asked a couple of questions, they were super honest with the answers regardless what would be better for them, they are friendly and professional.. and most importantly their price range is great with respect to other places here in cairo.
Their online site makes it easier for everyone as well.
محترفين جدا في جودة الموقع والتواصل مع العميل وسرعة التوصيل شكرا ليكم
Great experience and very respectful
Best selling apple products
Excellent trusted service. Highly recommended!
ناس محترمه فى التعامل وأسعارهم لذيذه
incridideals always going to be the 1st place for me to buy apple products .. cheapest prices, and awesome services .. Thanks Mohammed Khafaga you are the best!
Best prices in town and amazing quality ❤️ thanks alot
Best place to buy apple products, good experience and friendly people.

I've recommended this store for anyone who is looking forward to buying any apple products.
So friendly owner good quality products keep it up 💪💪
Great experience thanks to mohamed khafagy he was very helpful , friendly and kind...all products are amazing and trustful.... Definitely it will be the first place on my mind for my next purchase
Best in town 🥇🏆🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🏆🥇🏅🏅🏅
Best place ever all products are available
Best after-sale service ever
Thanks soooo much for Mr.Mohamed, so friendly, nice place, honesty and so helpful.. I’m not regretting dealing with you 🙏❤️👌🤗
Great experience with such a helpful and a friendly
Great experience with such a helpful and a friendly person. Try and you wont regret!
منتهى الرقي والاحترافيه .. شكرا ا.محمد
Just bought the new iPad Pro 512 gb for an amazing price. Adding that they were super friendly and made sure i was 100% satisfied
It was my first time to deal with them and definitely not the last. Very helpful and professional
Keep going.. 😍
LOVE THIS WEBSITE! made my life easier! Highly recommend!
بجد انتوا محترمين جداً وذوق جداً في التعامل والمصداقية
بنصح أي حد إنه يشترى منكم بجد مش هيندم
best service and best quality, I’d highly recommend this place.
It was great dealing with incredideals, professional respectful people.
Amazing ideas and really excellent prices
More than perfect thanks a lot ❤️❤️😃😃
Will not be the last time 😃😃
How well-organized and professional you are!
A great experience and great service keep up❤️❤️
It was a first time to deal with them , I had an incredible experience🤩 . They were very friendly ,helpful & professional so i recommend them 👍
They are respectful and friendly....I had a good experience with them👍🏻 they have great offers for apple products and the one i met seems to be knowledgeable about each product
The first time I deal with the place and I bought the Apple Watch and I received the next day with a beautiful gift, and the person who communicated with me was very friendly and fun, this will not be my final experience in dealing with them and I will advise my friends to deal with them.
It was my first time to deal with them to get my new iPhone, such a great experience. I absolutely recommend this place, the person we met was very decent, friendly and professional. Also they have great offers and perfect prices.
I’ll absolutely give them 10/10
This is, by far, the best store out there! The experience I had was seamless, they have the best prices, their integrity is amazing and they helped me A LOT to setup my phone and all! Would definitely recommend! 10/10
Had a great experience purchasing a new iphone xs. Great quality and awesome treatment/costumer service. I’m so thankful and i will totally recommend and guarantee it to anybody.
The staff is very polite and knowledgeable and the prices are more than amazing ; I recommend this to anyone and definitely gonna revisit the store a lot !
Perfect product
Great people
Best prices for apple products
Professional team, great offers compared to the market, availability of different products, highly recommended 👍
Really perfect trusted place to purchase original apple products . Thnx a lot Mr.Mohamed Khafagy for ur hospitality I really enjoyed dealing with u guys and I’m looking forward for more and more .
It was a great experience shopping via IncrediDeals, products are 100% original.
So professional and trustworthy.
You deserve your name as incredible
It was a very good shopping experience.. best so far.. their deals are real and they are very professional when it comes to customer service.. the delivery is outstanding too..

Definitely will order again!
Thanks alot for the best dealing with me, it was the first time for me to deal with them and it was a very good experience and they had the best prices in the market and i really highly recommend them, thanks alot IncrediDeals
Absolutely recommend this place and those people to deal with and of course because their out of competition prices.
I had the chance to meet the very decent, knowledgeable and friendly person “Mohammed Khafaga”, he was very helpful and welcoming too. I didn’t meet anyone else because I visited them late at night but I’m pretty sure they are the same.
I received my AirPods yesterday it was delivered on the planned time the seller was really professional and helpful
Thank u for the way u deal wiz ur customers ❤️
People are so decent and trustable. Their service is very quick yet professional. I would highly recommend and .their prices are very fair compared to other places. Thank you for the good service , i am really glad that i have dealt with you
Very good place best prices ever and best customer services thank you incredideals
Very professional and very supportive team and best prices for genuine and guaranteed apple products
The best price and best treatment
Hope for you always the best
5 stars

Thanks Mr. Mohamed
مبدائيا انا مكنتش بشتري اي جهاز غير من تريد لاين لخوفي من الكلام الشائع في السوق عن الاجهزة وكنت محتاج احدث جهازي وناس نصحتني اتعامل مع شركة incredideals كنت متردد بس بعد مروحت المكان كل حاجة اختلفت والتعامل مش بس بيوفرلك منتج زي اي بياع هدفة التارجت بالعكس ممكن يبعلك حاجة ارخص من الي انت عاوزها علشان تناسب احتياجك اكتر والجهاز محترم جداااا شكرااا مستر محمد علي مساعدتك واهتمامك❤️
the best prices and the best ever customer service ..products quality is great as advertised . it was a pleasure to deal with you
It is a good place , thier products are 100% orginal with lower prices than any other place and and have a good offers and they are very respectful people and very trusted and I recommend them for any one wants to buy apple products
It’s really great experience I got my iPhone and ppl is really friendly and supportive
Thanks a lot for amazing services 👌🏽
The best service and prices thanks MR/mohamed ❤️❤️
They are so professional,helpful and sociable I recommend them to everyone really i have a great experience there ❤️
The best service and best price
Very professional to deal with
شركة رائعة وشديدة التميز..التعامل مع الاستاذ محمد خفاجة يتسم بالمهنية والوضوح والشفافية في كل كلمة وكل سؤال بيجاوب عليه..التعامل معاك يا استاذ محمد بيعيد لنا الأمل في تطور مفهوم ارضاء العميل..أتمني لكم كل توفيق ونجاح وأوصي أصدقائي بتجربة تعامل مميزة مع الاستاذ محمد خفاجة
The true definition of respectful customer service , totally recommend
مكان محترم جدا. و ناي محترمة و اسعار كويسة و خدمة ممتازة و استاذ محمد رجل محترم جدا
Very satisfied experience of online shopping , caring after sales, quick service , good material of cover
Really thank you for everything ☺️☺️☺️
Great offers and deals and is has original stuff
After shopping around IncrediDeals was the best price n the market not only that their excellent service and supportive team . Khafaga is a very decent person . We met at their office and he was very honest and supportive to help us with our purchasing experience
the best online shopping experience with a professional dedicated team for sure i will always consider them if i am planning to buy any electronic device
Quality delivered as advertised, precise delivery time and good customer service.
Exquisite Service, Best experience I’ve ever had, very trustworthy,respectful,helpful♥️
Incredible products ✅
Very Good Prices ✅
I’m so appreciation to Deal with Them,I would to give special thanks 🙏 it’s means a lot to @Mr.Mohamed Khafagy😻 So Friendly♥️,He Has extremely Knowledgeably of apple products💥, Mr.Ehab Thank You😻
The airpods are awesome, and the customer service is really helpful and amazing, well trained sellers, thanks all.
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