Installments Calculator


Terms & Conditions:

  • You must be a credit card holder of NBE Bank or CIB Bank or Banque Misr for credit cards installments.
  • For valU, you’ll need to activate your account by contacting 16671.
  • Installments are calculated on the original prices. They can not be combined with any sale or any other offer (like cash price).
  • Credit card must have an available limit greater than your total purchases for NBE, CIB & Banque Misr.
  • Installments are available online and for pickup via National Bank of Egypt credit card & Banque Misr.
  • For installments using CIB credit card, order should be picked up from IncrediDeals

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  • Rana ElMoqademRana ElMoqadem

    It was one of the greatest experiences dealing with such a place and staff, Very helpful, knowledgeable and I literally got everything i wanted.
    On a side note: the offers are just wow.

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  • Nada MohammedNada Mohammed

    People are so decent and trustable. Their service is very quick yet professional. I would highly recommend and .their prices are very fair compared to other places. Thank you for the good service , i am really glad that i have dealt with you

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  • Ali YasserAli Yasser

    Very good place best prices ever and best customer services thank you incredideals

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  • Mohamed Samy El-MeligyMohamed Samy El-Meligy

    Very professional and very supportive team and best prices for genuine and guaranteed apple products

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  • Mohamed AdelMohamed Adel

    The best price and best treatment
    Hope for you always the best
    5 stars

    Thanks Mr. Mohamed

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  • Micheal M. TapipMicheal M. Tapip

    مبدائيا انا مكنتش بشتري اي جهاز غير من تريد لاين لخوفي من الكلام الشائع في السوق عن الاجهزة وكنت محتاج احدث جهازي وناس نصحتني اتعامل مع شركة incredideals كنت متردد بس بعد مروحت المكان كل حاجة اختلفت والتعامل مش بس بيوفرلك منتج زي اي بياع هدفة التارجت بالعكس ممكن يبعلك حاجة ارخص من الي انت عاوزها علشان تناسب احتياجك اكتر والجهاز محترم جداااا شكرااا مستر محمد علي مساعدتك واهتمامك❤️

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  • Mohamed SaidMohamed Said

    the best prices and the best ever customer service ..products quality is great as advertised . it was a pleasure to deal with you

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  • Ahmed RiadAhmed Riad

    Very professional and very competitive prices!
    The team acts and responds promptly; product delivered very quickly and in perfect condition👍

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  • Ahmed TalaatAhmed Talaat

    It is a good place , thier products are 100% orginal with lower prices than any other place and and have a good offers and they are very respectful people and very trusted and I recommend them for any one wants to buy apple products

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  • Ongawy MasrawyOngawy Masrawy

    ناس في قمه الاحترام والادب واسعارهم لا تقارن بحد بالتوفيق دايما 💪🏻💪🏻

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  • NouRan AliNouRan Ali

    It’s really great experience I got my iPhone and ppl is really friendly and supportive
    Thanks a lot for amazing services 👌🏽

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  • Ahmed EidAhmed Eid

    Excellent service and quality Raw materials and magnificence in dealing thanks and appreciation to all employees of your company

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  • Maged M. MaroofMaged M. Maroof

    The best service and prices thanks MR/mohamed ❤️❤️

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  • Dina Abdel RaoufDina Abdel Raouf

    The best service and prices

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  • Nehal MohamedNehal Mohamed

    They are so professional,helpful and sociable I recommend them to everyone really i have a great experience there ❤️

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  • Yassein MohamedYassein Mohamed

    The best service and best price

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  • Nado ShaarawyNado Shaarawy

    Very professional to deal with

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  • طه أمينطه أمين

    شركة رائعة وشديدة التميز..التعامل مع الاستاذ محمد خفاجة يتسم بالمهنية والوضوح والشفافية في كل كلمة وكل سؤال بيجاوب عليه..التعامل معاك يا استاذ محمد بيعيد لنا الأمل في تطور مفهوم ارضاء العميل..أتمني لكم كل توفيق ونجاح وأوصي أصدقائي بتجربة تعامل مميزة مع الاستاذ محمد خفاجة

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  • Ahmed Mohamed AmalAhmed Mohamed Amal

    The true definition of respectful customer service , totally recommend

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  • Muhammad Y. GaberMuhammad Y. Gaber

    I am delighted to have picked up my golden iPhone XS Max as well as the AirPods from IncreadiDeals, and even with the cheapest price on the market. I'm really pleased with that as well as with the experience I've had with IncreadiDeals. I am also pleased with my contact with Mr. Muhammad Khafaga, he is a very nice and decent person. I recommend IncreadiDeals to everyone who wants to get an Apple product.

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  • Ahmed SamirAhmed Samir

    This place is one of the best places to buy any product. thank you

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  • Khaled RamdanKhaled Ramdan

    Shopping around IncrediDeals was the best price n the market not only that their excellent service and supportive team . Khafaga is a very decent and helpful person . He used his laptop for transferring my data from my old iPhone 6plus to this beauty XS MAX and he made sure Am satisfied , got everything I need . I recommend #IncrediDeals for sure 😊

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  • Mohamed EhabMohamed Ehab

    مكان محترم جدا. و ناي محترمة و اسعار كويسة و خدمة ممتازة و استاذ محمد رجل محترم جدا

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  • Moshira SayedMoshira Sayed

    Very satisfied experience of online shopping , caring after sales, quick service , good material of cover
    Really thank you for everything ☺️☺️☺️

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  • Mutassem AliMutassem Ali

    Great offers and deals and is has original stuff

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  • Ahmed NosseirAhmed Nosseir

    After shopping around IncrediDeals was the best price n the market not only that their excellent service and supportive team . Khafaga is a very decent person . We met at their office and he was very honest and supportive to help us with our purchasing experience

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  • Malak ShukryMalak Shukry

    the best online shopping experience with a professional dedicated team for sure i will always consider them if i am planning to buy any electronic device

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  • Ahmed MadianAhmed Madian

    من افضل الأماكن الى بشترى منها حاجه برند..ناس محترمه فى تعامل ..خدمه ما بعد البيع..موقف حصل معايا لازم ندى لناس حقه انى اشتريت باور بنك (ravpower10400)وبعد يومين استعمال اتضح بوجود مشكله فيه ورجعت الباور بنك وبعد يوم استلمت واحد تانى جديد شكرااا. #incredideals😊👍

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  • Waleed H. IbrahimWaleed H. Ibrahim

    Quality delivered as advertised, precise delivery time and good customer service.

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  • Omar JacoOmar Jaco

    Exquisite Service, Best experience I’ve ever had, very trustworthy,respectful,helpful♥️
    Incredible products ✅
    Very Good Prices ✅
    I’m so appreciation to Deal with Them,I would to give special thanks 🙏 it’s means a lot to @Mr.Mohamed Khafagy😻 So Friendly♥️,He Has extremely Knowledgeably of apple products💥, Mr.Ehab Thank You😻

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  • Muhamed AymanMuhamed Ayman

    The airpods are awesome, and the customer service is really helpful and amazing, well trained sellers, thanks all.

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  • Mohamed Mostafa AliMohamed Mostafa Ali

    Very special services with a very talented team. I trade in my old iPhone with iPhone XR, they gave me the best price for my old one after fair inspections in addition to a very competitive price for the new one. The first time to be asked “Are you happy?” When I’m dealing with there representative Eng. Mohamed Khafagy.

    Thank you IcrediDeals 👍🏼👍🏼

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  • Ghada HafezGhada Hafez

    This is a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding prices, products and of course customer service.. special thanks to Mohamed he’s very professional and extremely helpful and he did all the hectic and time-consuming process of backing up my staff.
    Looking forward to my next shopping experience with you

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  • Cherry BakrCherry Bakr

    very nice offers and products, and very respectful staff i really enjoyed my mobile and the price was good as well

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  • Mohamed SelimMohamed Selim

    اول مرة اتعامل معاكم بس مش هتبقى اول مرة اكيد.
    عندكم مصداقية مش موجودة عند ناس كتير.
    حسن مقابلة.
    وأسعاركم ممتازة مقارنة بال Resellers.
    واشكرك جدا استاذ محمد خفاجي على حسن معاملتك وزوقك .

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  • Moustafa EmadMoustafa Emad

    It’s one of my best stores now ,
    And Mr. Khafaga is very professional and so friendly ♥️💙

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  • Ayman HishamAyman Hisham

    Okay ... let’s say it in it’s easiest way, nowadays any customer service place must make “Customer care” at the first of it’s priorities.
    So what i’ve got in Incredideals ?!
    - Incredible “Customer care”
    - Incredible honesty
    - Incredible deals ! 😍😍

    However there is many other places could give you awesome prices and deals, but Could you trust ?!!

    Thanks Mr.Mohamed “one of three” for your time, honesty and respect !

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  • Farah Sayed HFarah Sayed H

    I loved the service, very respectful, helpful, and trustworthy. Thank you for the experience while buying. 🙂

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  • Ahmed SamirAhmed Samir

    Best products
    Best prices
    Best service
    I like this idea 💡
    Really hope you will be on the top


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  • Tarek MohammadyTarek Mohammady

    very respectful and supportive stuff best prices ever

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  • Heba Samy HassanHeba Samy Hassan

    Best experience I‘ve ever had!
    Best prices, and one of the nicest people I have ever met in shopping ☺️

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  • Nahla A. RakhaNahla A. Rakha

    Best shopping experience and trade-in deal in Egypt♥️♥️ Mr. Khfaga is very Professional, friendly, helpful and flexible.
    if you are willing to buy any apple product, Incredideals is definitely the way to go
    Their prices are the best in the market as well😉

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  • Yasmine Ashraf Abou KhalafYasmine Ashraf Abou Khalaf

    The best place you can deal with for any apple product
    Very respectful,helpful and the best price
    I RECOMMEND them
    And wish them the best of luck !!
    Thank u muhammed

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  • Ahmed EidAhmed Eid

    It’s one of my best stores now i recommend it for everyone, i also can say its my best store too
    Mr. Khafaga is very talented, professional and so friendly

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  • Mohamed Ahmed AbouDiaaMohamed Ahmed AbouDiaa

    This store is recommended for all who want a grateful services & honest deals ..
    الشركة محترمة في تعاملاتها وخدمة العملاء غاية في الترحيب وأمانة عرض المنتج وسرعة تلبية الطلبات وشحنها على أكمل وجه ..
    Thanks for your efforts , Inshallah I will deal with you again and more 😁

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  • Ibrahim HaridiIbrahim Haridi

    امبارح رحت ابدل الايفون x بى ايفون Xs max وكان معى اتنين من اصدقائى وكان الأستاذ محمد في استقبلنا ونعم الاستقبال وحسن المعامله بصراحه السعر في الأول مكنش على هوائي رغم انه اقل من السوق وطبعا كل واحد فينا بيحاول يعمل الديل ايلى يناسبه وقد كان فم النهايه اشتريت ال Xs max وكمان اشتريت آل air pod لان السعر كان مناسب ومن حسن المعامه اشترى صديقى رغم انه كان معى بالصدفة في التجمع اتنين ايفون
    بجد شكرا أستاذ محمد
    واكيد ان شاء الله اشوفك في شهر اكتوبر 😂 علشان نبدل الجديد 😂

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  • Fatin AhmadFatin Ahmad

    I ordered my new iPhone and literally received it in 30 minutes. Truly unbelievable service! Highly highly recommended!

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  • Chérif Tarek NaderChérif Tarek Nader

    Very professional and helpful people with very good prices 👌🏼

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  • Ahmed FathyAhmed Fathy

    Best service and best price ❤️❤️

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  • Heba MohamedHeba Mohamed

    It was a great experience and the best price THANK YOU very much..Highly recommended

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  • Ahmed Mohamed SaidAhmed Mohamed Said

    شركةمحترمة جدا وكل الشكر للأستاذ الخلوق محمد خفاجة كل التحية 👍👍❤️❤️

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  • Galal El AyoutyGalal El Ayouty

    Perfect services and best prices in market ❤️❤️

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  • Abdo SalemAbdo Salem

    Excellent service and speed! Cant believe there is someone out there this professional! Highly recommend!

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  • Cindy AmirCindy Amir

    I wanted to buy airpods but couldnt afford the price! I then noticed that Incredideals sells them with installments using my credit card! I went to their office Mr. Mohamed was very professional and my airpods are fantastic! Thank you so muchh❤️❤️

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  • Santiago MoMoSantiago MoMo

    شركه اقل ما يوصف فيها انها فوق الممتاز و ان شاء الله تبقوا في الرياده على طول بالتوفيق شكراً

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  • Ibrahem SouedyIbrahem Souedy

    شركه فى غايه الاحترام جدا و سرعه فى التوصيل وزوق جدا جدا فى التعامل بالتوفيق ليكم جميعا 😍😍😍😍

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  • Ahmed AgabaAhmed Agaba

    Here what you can trust 💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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  • Ahmed EmamAhmed Emam

    مكان محترم جدا ومنتجات اصليه وممتازة

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  • Shimaa KhaledShimaa Khaled

    شركة قمة فالامانة والاحترام
    بنصح اي حد يتعامل معاهم بجد ومش هيندم
    اثبتولنا كذا مرة انهم مكان ثقه جدااااا
    ودايما يارب فنجاح وزيادة
    ومش اخر تعامل انشاء الله لسه اللي جاي كتير 🙂

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  • Mohamed RabieMohamed Rabie

    Great prices and great experience with kind people thx so much

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  • Mostafa MagdyMostafa Magdy

    Cheapest prices and highest quality.

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  • Amir Mahmoud SiGoAmir Mahmoud SiGo

    Professional way to deal with the users ❤️
    How respectful and professional they are ❤️

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  • Yasmine MohamedYasmine Mohamed

    If you're willing to buy any apple device, you shouldn't think twice IncrediDeals is definitely the way to go! Their service is a 10/10 an awesome experience for sure👌 Their prices are probably the best in the market🙌 Overall, I am extremely satisfied😊.

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  • Nour EhabNour Ehab

    This is a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding prices, products and of course customer service. First of all, I received the product in the same I ordered it. Also, Mr. Mohamed was extremely helpful and he did all the hectic and time-consuming process of backing up my staff. Thank you is not enough for your professionalism. Keep the good work 👏🏻

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  • Amr RashwanAmr Rashwan

    Best shopping experience ever, very professional advising the best option that suits you and fit your needs not the more expensive option , best prices and payment plans , good luck IncrediDeals 👍

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  • Anas El-ShekhebyAnas El-Shekheby

    Great prices with great online shopping experience.

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  • Reham MohamedReham Mohamed

    Excellent experience , have the best professional staff and the best customer service 😍

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  • Mariam ArafaMariam Arafa

    Excellent products and service!

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  • Hassan BadawiHassan Badawi

    Excellent prices and excellent delivery sevice

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  • Hisham HishamHisham Hisham

    رجل قمه في الاحترام والزوق قبل ما يكون بياع

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  • Mina Gamal KamelMina Gamal Kamel

    Incredideals is one of the best shopping & trade in experience in Egypt, they are customer oriented and very helpful, all their products from phones and accesories is original and their price is reasonable compared to the authorized resellers, many thanks Mr.Mohamed for your cooperation from bringing the phone till transfering all data to the new one without any extra fees.
    Wishing you the best dears in the upcoming period.

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  • Omar EbeidOmar Ebeid

    Great prices with great online shopping experience.

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  • Habiba El-ZorkanyHabiba El-Zorkany

    Very good experience, quality and service!
    Chapeau to the team!

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  • Arwa M. HassanArwa M. Hassan

    The best online shopping experience I’ve ever had in my life, no exaggeration! Just to it blindly!

    As a person that is never comfortable about shopping online because I believe that I have to see and feel the product myself to pick the best, for some reason, this page got me captivated!

    Starting off with hesitant back & forth questions, checking all the positive reviews, the incredible prices, professionalism, support and most importantly, the decency of Mohamed Khafaga, made this shopping experience truly the best ever!

    So here are some facts you need to know about Incredideals:

    1. They are extremely patient and would never leave you unsatisfied nor uncomfortable.

    2. They’re so friendly you’d want to become their regular friend not just a customer 😀

    3. Very professional, decent and supportive.

    4. Their prices are unbelievable! Serious great deals we’re talking here...

    5. Customer service: I’m speechless! It’s something we lack in Egypt and thought I would never find, but once again, they proved me wrong with their responsive great service!

    6. Most importantly, their products are ORIGINAL! Not fake nor a high copy...

    7. This place will be my all time to go when buying my apple gadgets 😉

    8. Oh! And there is the trade-in option you guys 😍 upgrading your iPhone has never been easier for sure now!

    Thank you for everything Incredideals and thank you for proving that online shopping can be fun, easy, fast and great ❤️

    Looking forward to my next shopping experience with you... keep up the great work!

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  • MohaMmad BarçaMohaMmad Barça

    بصراحه و عن تجربه ناس محترمه جدااا و تعامل فوق الممتاز و منتجات اصليه ميه في الميه و دا بعد ما تتاكد بنفسك من سايت ابل و تكلمهم كمان بالفون، محبتش اكتب البوست دا الا لما اشتري و اجرب فتره، بس فعلااا المنتج ممتاز و ان شاء الله في تعاملات تانيه كتير، احب اشكر خدمه العملاء و دايما ف تقدم، شكراااا

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  • Tamer FaragTamer Farag

    The best shopping experience I have ever had in Egypt, specially in trade-in your old IPhone to a new one, they are very professional in all aspects, and they will never leave you unsatisfied, also they are very honest and it was so clear while I was dealing with them.

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  • Mark MagdyMark Magdy

    Very nice people delivering original products at very good prices, delivery was at the same day and the experience overall was perfect 👌

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  • Abanop AntarAbanop Antar

    شركة محترمة جدا فالتعامل و قمة الذوق والاحترام شكرا استاذ محمد تعبتك معايا ربنا يوسع عليكم

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  • Eslam MasoudEslam Masoud

    شركة محترمة جدا جدا جدا وشياكة فالتعامل و قمة الذوق والاحترام ده غير الدقه فالمواعيد الي للأسف كنا مفتقدينها في الوقت الحالي في شركات كتير
    شكرا استاذ محمد تعبتك معايا تاتي 😍

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  • Mohamed El ShahatMohamed El Shahat

    Best best place and Profisional

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  • Shereen RagabShereen Ragab

    It was a great experience. At the beginning, I didn't believe the price, until it I receive my new IPHONE 8. Thanks Mohamed for your promoting service. you spent with me time to train me how to deal with the new Iphone options and you even helped me choosing new accessories. Incredideals isn't only incredible in prices, but also in service and even after sale. Now, I am waiting for my Macbook

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  • Amr Sha'rawyAmr Sha'rawy

    A profesional one that lead you to more than satisfaction !
    Excellent people - speechless Oxm b allah !
    Time is time with them !
    The stuff is excellent!
    Thank ❤️ U ❤️ Very much @incredideals ❤️

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  • Ahmed AhmedAhmed Ahmed

    So trustworthy ... 👌🏼

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  • Nona Hana FathyNona Hana Fathy

    من افضل الناس وخدمة كمان ما بعد البيع ومنتجات اصلي ، بجد شكرا جداا خلتوني اغير فكرتي واصدق ان في ناس صادقه علي النت.،

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  • Majer OsamaMajer Osama

    The best of all phone stores websites in egypt and they also are very simple and trust 100%
    It was a pleasure to deal with people like you and thanks for my new phone ♥️

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  • Ahmed AbdoAhmed Abdo

    Excellent service and cheap prices

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  • Yara ABYara AB

    Excellent service and delivery on time 👍

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  • Maged Mourice BassalyMaged Mourice Bassaly

    Very professional and very good service

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  • Mohamed El-SharkawiMohamed El-Sharkawi

    V.good quality of service and materials of products

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  • Hisham El-WakeelHisham El-Wakeel

    Very professional and trustworthy, finally we have a great apple trade that you can rely on!
    Great job and keep it up 👍 😉

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  • Noha ShahbaNoha Shahba

    Very professional and trustworthy.

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  • Elayady Essawy Arap LionElayady Essawy Arap Lion

    ناس محترمه جدا كل حاجة اورجينال وأسعار جيده

    Read More
  • Labib LabibLabib Labib

    عن قريب إنشاء اللة لأنة أفضل موبييل

    Read More
  • Masa AmirMasa Amir

    اشتريت airpods ووصلوا في نفس اليوم. شكرا على السيرفيس السريعة!

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  • Hossam FathyHossam Fathy

    Best prices&Delivery on time👍

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