Price Guarantee

If you find a better price than ours, we’ll match it!*

Just click on “Found a better price” from the product page and submit the price!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Product must be identical to the one IncrediDeals sells in all terms of:
    Local Warranty, new, same part number, same model number, etc..
  • The other seller must have the product in stock.
  • Price matching, if accepted, will be in cash only. Credit card payments will be subject to 2% extra fees.
  • The seller represents a company and has either a physical store or an online store (does not sell through third party stores).
  • Any fraudulent requests will be rejected.
  • IncrediDeals will examine the request in two business days. IncrediDeals maintains the right to accept the price match or refuse it.
  • Requests should be submitted against local stores in Egypt only. We don’t match prices in other regions or countries.
  • No price match against installments. Cash only.
  • Price matching is applicable only during purchasing.